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Andrea Elisa Ulloa

Graphic Designer | Founder

Always the creative kid, I found my way to graphic design after an amazing teacher opened my eyes to the potential it brought me– creative problem solving.

After hustling to earn my BFA From Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I moved to Austin and landed my dream job (which I manifested before I knew the meaning of the word). From the outside looking in, and through social media, everything seemed #fomo worthy– but in reality, I was struggling on all fronts.

In 2017 my mom suddenly passed and my life changed drastically. I found myself unsatisfied with pretending everything was okay. I longed to live authentically and show my true colors. The “dream job” I thought I had quickly unravelled and became demystified. There had to be another way to market brands authentically– it was then that I made the decision to leave the facade of the job, dedicating myself to inner-personal work and growth.

It took a year of rediscovering myself, becoming spiritual, and authentically Me again to bring back my passion for creative problem solving. I am now dedicated to helping others through their business journeys. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, rusty or simply don’t know where to begin with your brand or social media, I’m your woman. Through conscious media, we can change the world one brand, post, message, at a time.

Authentic and creative solutions are possible!

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My Office —
Austin, Texas
(408) 835-0003

Brands I’ve worked with

Woodhouse Day Spa
Tyndall Austin
The Walsh
Legendairy Milk
Exclusive Resorts
Sing Orthodontics
Invisibly Aligned
Dough Boys Pizzeria
5th & West
eanes School District
Swish Dental
Keister, Ciccone & Bollier
Caffrey's Furniture
East Austin Art Emporium
The Center for Child Protection

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