Mood Boards

As designers, it can be difficult to put a particular emotion or idea into words when we think a particular shade of coral or font family would do it justice. There are so many of us out in the universe are visual people. Mood board—a simple graphic tool which allows me to experiment with design elements and the vision, reality.

Simply put, mood boards are compositions of images, materials, fabric, text (you name it) meant to evoke a specific style or idea. It’s the starting point for what will eventually become a style guide with a defined color palette, typography, layout, image treatment, etc.  

Mood boards allow creatives to propose an intent: a look or idea. They show your audience what your intended visual direction is for a project and put everyone on the same page early on. They offer a chance at collaboration.

Nothing is set in stone, mood boards are meant to be playful, expressive—just like your brand evolves in the design process, mood board’s do too its all part of the #growthmindset