Taglines—why do they matter? They set the stage for everything you do as a business, from marketing and advertising and most importantly IMO, brand recognition and storytelling. In a nutshell, they clearly tell your audience what you're about about:.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and establish your brand clearly and convincingly,

But what is a tagline?

In business, a tagline is one phrase (sometimes two) that provides clarity, entertainment, or emphasis to help highlight a brand's mission, purpose, or culture.

Taglines help consumers feel more connected to brands. You might have noticed that, in television commercials, taglines are repeated ad nauseam. There is a reason for this.

You probably get those taglines stuck in your head. Maybe you can rattle off the taglines for the most popular brands without even thinking about them.

Got Milk? Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It.

These are just three of the most memorable taglines. Thousands of them exist.

You don't have to be a company as large as Nike to benefit from a tagline. In fact, Knowledge Commerce companies need a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.

If you teach online courses about photography, and do you think that you are the only Knowledge Commerce professional in this niche? Of course not.

Consumers might remember your business because of your name or your company's name, but a tagline can make you even more memorable.

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